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Randall Blum: Consultant

Arts & Culture


A little bit about Randall.

Randall Blum, entrepreneur and business professional, is an established leader who has developed a distinctive niche within today’s business environment. His background as a corporate executive serves as a strong foundation to help him cater to large companies and understand their unique presentation needs, as well as their potential areas of growth. 

Randall’s company has consulted with a number of top corporations throughout the country on the essence of strong professional presentations. Blum’s approach involves seminars and training aimed at senior executives. Included in his efforts is the creation of  ‘The Presenter Profile,’ which is a new process for identifying outstanding presentation talent within an organization. 

One aspect of Blum’s innovative program requires that all senior leaders within an organization are assigned to existing, strategic work groups where they are encouraged to create and deliver presentations that both communicate and captivate a business audience. This effort has strengthened bonds between senior managers and the corporations they serve far beyond job descriptions. 

Additionally, Randall Blum presents numerous presentations to interested groups that range from motivation to strategic problem-solving. He is especially keen to identify the psychological and professional factors that are predictors of great presentation performance. He is also currently working in the virtual presentation space, and training others on what it takes to lead an effective online meeting, as well as to conduct an exceptional online presentation.


More details about career and life

Randall has extensive experience in professional communications, both verbal and written. His expertise includes training, instruction, and lab development of presentations at all levels of an organization and with all types and sizes of groups. It also includes the strategic development, preparation, and presentation of topics for multiple professional organizations and groups.

Randall Blum also has extensive experience in management, customer service, strategic marketing, and event planning. He is also proficient in the analysis and management of database and warehouse information systems that capture customer and prospect data information. He also has wide-ranging experience in the use and implementation of neural modeling, analysis, and measurement techniques.

Beyond his current consulting work, Randall Blum is involved with several charitable organizations, passionate about giving back and paying it forward as often as he can. Most recently, he is working with a variety of corporations to create a charitable organization to fund college scholarships for students from single-parent households.